aHow To Host A Great Christmas Dinner Without Breaking The Bank


In this day and age, we are accustomed to believing that Christmas dinners have to be over the top, or at the very least, presentable for the guests. However, those who understand the true meaning of this festive season would know that it is simply just a dinner that brings your loved ones together. Yes, Christmas dinners do not have to be extravagant.

Living in Singapore is not exactly a cheap affair and most of us have other financial responsibilities to bear. Going for a fancy dinner on a festive occasion may be out of the budget for some of us but that does not mean we cannot have a delightful Christmas party at home!

In this guide, we share with you 6 Tips On How To Host A Great Christmas Dinner Without Breaking The Bank.

Grocery Shopping


Most grocery stores have cheaper alternatives compared to big hotel brands. Do your grocery shopping at NTUC, Giant or any other big supermarket brands in Singapore—they usually offer Christmas food products as well.

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Strawberry Jello Cheesecake


Instead of purchasing festive goodies, learn how to bake your own desserts for snacks instead. There are tons of recipes to be found in cookbooks and on the internet but be sure to choose those that fit your level of expertise.

If you are looking for some recommendations, why not try this easy no-bake Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake recipe? Fans of matcha will enjoy these simple matcha recipes.

Opus Roasted Sakura Chicken


Who says you must have turkey for Christmas? Choose to swap that for a roasted chicken as the table’s centrepiece to cut down on cost. You can easily purchase chicken meat from supermarkets and wet markets at an affordable price.

To further reduce your expenditure, do your own stuffing at home instead of purchasing ready-made ingredients.

Sponge Cake

Photo Credit: Party Pieces


Log cakes are beautiful to look at and they never fail to impress the crowd. Appealing as they may be, log cakes are usually on the higher end of the price scale because it takes effort and time to craft them out.

Since that is the case, why not try baking your own cake instead? A simple sponge cake with whipped cream and toppings is manageable by almost anyone—even if you only have limited baking experience.

Beringer Wine and Dessert


There is a decent range of wine, beer and hard liquor to be found at our local supermarkets with prices that will not burn a hole in your wallet.

For something lighter, you can also make ‘Shandy’ beer at home by mixing beer and 7 Up. That way, you can offer three different kinds of beverages at your dinner party!

Christmas Stockings


To add some festive vibes at the venue, get your Christmas decorations such as table placements, ornaments and even Christmas trees from Daiso, supermarkets or online websites before the big day hits. Some wholesale party suppliers are also able to offer cheap disposable cutleries and plates.