Beerthai House – A Hidden Gem in Singapore’s Little Thailand


Golden Mile Complex is home to many tour agencies, as well as Thai eateries. Dubbed ‘Little Thailand’, many Thai expats regularly visit Golden Mile Complex whenever they crave a taste of home, or want to visit the large Thai supermarket to restock their favourite Thai instant noodles and snacks.

Despite being in a rather deserted part of the complex, Beerthai House Restaurant still gets a steady stream of customers. The restaurant, which has another outlet at Golden Mile Tower, reminds us of a Thai ‘zi char’, where you can get one-dish meals, or rice with ingredients.

We really liked the Thai Beef Noodles ($5), which features a rich and dark beefy broth and flat rice noodles. The noodles come with tripe, beef slices and meatballs, which, for $5, is really a bang for the buck. Add some crushed peanuts for a nice, nutty flavour.

Pork noodles landscape

For those who can’t take beef, go for the Thai Pork Noodles ($5), which is the pork version of the above. The broth used for the pork noodles is made with pork bones, and it’s not as sweet as the broth for the beef noodles.

Both noodles are served with a basket of raw bean sprouts and sweet basil leaves, which diners can add for more flavour.

Omelette rice landscape

We also tried the Prawn Omelette Rice ($7), which is a very common dish peddled by Thai street hawkers. The omelette was nice and fluffy, and had quite a few pieces of prawns, and some onions and tomatoes, which made the dish less mundane.

Pandan Chicken closed

We also ordered the Pandan Chicken ($12). Wrapped in a pandan leaf before it is deep fried, the chicken meat was tender, juicy and tasted very much like chicken satay without the sweetness. Dip it in the Thai sweet chilli sauce for a further burst of spice and sweetness.


One thing is for sure, dining at Beerthai House is indeed affordable. Although the restaurant isn’t as clean or pristine, it is almost impossible to find authentic Thai restaurants like Beerthai House which still keeps their prices very affordable.

Beerthai House Restaurant

Address: 5001 Beach Road #01-94/96, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

Phone: 6291 2267

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily. made anonymous visits and paid its own meals at the stalls featured here.

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