Claypot Delights – Delicious Claypot Dishes For Just 4 Bucks!


Hidden well within an industrial block, Yew Yi Hup Kee Eating House is home to some affordable and tasty food. For those working in the vicinity, Yew Yi Hup Kee is one of the few places where you can grab lunch or dinner without having to walk too far. While it wasn’t exceptionally far from the MRT, I took a cab there.


One of the alleged favorites amongst diners would be the claypot stall. Specializing in only claypot dishes, this stall sees long queues, and for good reason. Every claypot dish goes for only $4, with an additional charge of 50 cents for a bowl of rice.

The stall is run singlehandedly by a Malaysian man who only wanted to be known as Ah Shen. Born and raised in Malaysia, Ah Shen told me that he shifted to this current location from Tuas, about 6 months ago, due to the lack of business. Now, he shared that he sells at least 100 bowls of claypot every day.


One of the highlights is the Claypot Assam Fish ($4) and is the boss’s personal favorite. We ordered 3 different claypot dishes for only $12 and even got a bowl of rice for free!

The curry was a tad oily with a distinctive sourness that balances out the mild spice. The fish was fresh and tender. Somehow, the curry had a similar flavour profile to that of Indian curries that come served with roti prata. Nonetheless, I liked that he was generous with the fish. For $4, this is great value but I’d top up 50 cents for a bowl of rice.


Another variation is the curry chicken. Using the same assam curry as the fish, the chicken is soft and tender. But if I were to compare the two, I would go for the assam fish.


The Claypot Vinegar Pig Trotter ($4) features succulent trotters cooked together with a gooey dark mixture of vinegar and dark sauce. I’m not a fan of vinegar so I thought that the vinegar was a little too much. My friend, however, thought that it could do with more. The meat was really tender but there was evidently quite a bit of bones. If you love vinegar in your food, like my friend, this could be your favorite too.


They also serve Herbal Chicken ($4) but unfortunately, the soup came a little bland.


Last but not least, we tried their Claypot Bitter gourd Pork Rib ($4) and were not disappointed. The gravy was gooey and thick, with an alluring bitter finish. There’s more meat, and lesser bones, as compared to the Claypot Vinegar Pig Trotter. The bitter gourd slices were soft, and complemented the fermented bean sauce well. Recommended for those not looking for curry options.

For those a little more adventurous, you can also try his claypot of the day. Every day, he serves an off-the-menu claypot dish (also $4). Overall, I’d say that the claypot dishes were very bang for my buck given that he was very generous with the ingredients. The only thing you’d have to bear with would be the slightly long queue during lunch time.

P.S Beware of the lady boss of the eating house (drink stall) who doesn’t quite like people taking pictures of food in her eating house.

Claypot Delights @ Yew Yi Hup Kee Eating House

Address: 23 Kallang Avenue, Singapore 399414

Opening Hours: 10am to 5pm daily. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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