How I Got Clear + Brilliant Skin, and I’m Loving It.


After having done Botox and Fillers, and achieved a sharper V Face, the next on my list is getting skin that’s Clear + Brilliant; just in time for the year-end festivities and new year celebrations.

Naturally, I returned to the caring arms of Dr. Gabriel Wong of SL Clinic who has been instrumental in bringing out the best version of myself. I’m so impressed with his work ethic and commitment to patient satisfaction that I even brought a friend along to see him.

It’s all smiles when you know you’re in good hands.

Now for those of you who know me personally or have seen me up-close, I have less-than-perfect skin.

There is a sprinkling of pigmentation, some enlarged pores, and fine lines are slowly showing. And being in the media, I’ve got to look my best at all times. A stressful and hectic schedule certainly doesn’t help my skin, and I really only have time to do effective treatments without much downtime. After seeing the before and after photos from the official website, I am sold.

Check out the super big pores and ugly pigmentation on my right cheek; the main reasons for doing this laser 🙁
Credit: Solta Medical Aesthetic Center

This is the reason why Dr. Gabriel recommended that I try the Clear + Brilliant Laser. A proprietary technology developed by the clever guys who invented Thermage, it’s the least invasive and most comfortable type of fractional resurfacing available in the market. According to him, it is the perfect laser for busy Singaporeans as we want visible results, can tolerate some mild pinkishness and isn’t prohibitively expensive which translate into cost and time effectiveness.

In case you don’t know, fractional resurfacing lasers, commonly used to treat acne scars, usually involves a downtime of 7 days or more. But not with Clear + Brilliant Laser, an FDA-approved technology. In fact, Clear & Brilliant is so gentle that it can even be used on the eyelids!

As one of the first few clinics in Singapore that offer this treatment, Dr. Gabriel has done countless procedures and has assured me that at the very most, I’ll just look slightly sunburnt for a day or two (sometimes just a few hours); NO angry redness, NO pain, NO peeling skin. Plus, I can apply makeup immediately after. Now, that’s something that I can fit into my busy work life!

So what can Clear + Brilliant Laser help with?

A quick and fuss-free treatment that took about 15 minutes or so, after a few sessions I noticed that the fine lines around my eyes and mouth have reduced in appearance, my pores virtually disappeared, and my overall skin tone became Clearer, and more Brilliant!

Enjoying my complimentary skin cleansing and numbing before the laser.
All ready for Clear + Brilliant skin at SL Clinic
Underneath those goggles is an expression of calm. This laser really is comfortable!

As Dr. Gabriel ran the Clear + Brilliant Laser handpiece over my face, there’s hardly any sensation apart from a slight prick, most probably because I had numbing cream applied earlier. Knowing that it’s my first time, he went the extra mile of instructing the clinic therapist to apply more numbing cream, rubbing it into my skin for better absorption and then leaving it for a longer duration.

He added that for some patients who have reached a limit to what their regular facials can do, adding on the Clear + Brilliant Laser will help achieve that much coveted glow and reverse early signs of skin ageing. It’s really something I might seriously consider since there’s so little pain and it’s all done within 30 minutes.

SL Clinic’s Regenerating Essence – boosted my skin’s recovery speeds!

After the laser, Dr. Gabriel applied the proprietary SL Clinic Regenerating Essence over the treated areas. It contains all the goodness from stem cells in a powerful serum that really made a difference. My skin’s redness immediately improved and felt a ton more comfortable after a few drops of this pink magic potion! Apparently serums are better absorbed immediately after a laser treatment as the skin becomes more penetrable so do ask for this anti-ageing, healing-quickening essence to be applied after the treatment!

While the first Clear + Brilliant Laser session produced immediate improvement, Dr. Gabriel recommended coming back for five more for best results.

With year-end parties and events filling up my calendar, I am definitely coming back for this quick and effective Clear + Brilliant Laser.

Clear + Brilliant Laser is priced at $642 nett per session, with package prices for multiple sessions. There’s also a trial price at $321 nett. I’ll be sure to get friends and family to try!

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