La Sponda In Le Sirenuse Positano Has The Best Views Of Amalfi Coast


La Sponda is an award-winning restaurant in Le Sirenuse, Positano.

People often talk about their favourite restaurants in the Italian seaside town, and while everyone’s list may differ, La Sponda is probably on most of them.

If you ever visit Positano along Amalfi Coast, La Sponda in Le Sirenuse is definitely one restaurant to add to your itinerary.

La Sponda

La Sponda Restaurant

This Michelin-starred restaurant in Le Sirenuse is easily one of the most beautiful restaurants we’ve ever dined at in all our lives.

The sheer splendour of the restaurant had us lost for words; it was the kind of beauty that overwhelmed us and left us dumbfounded because it was hardly believable that anywhere could look this pretty.

La Sponda Le Sirenuse Positano Food

La Sponda Le Sirenuse Positano Fish

La Sponda’s menu focuses on Mediterranean cuisine inspired by Amalfi and Naples tradition and uses a lot of fresh seafood and local produce. Its steep price tags aren’t for everyone, but if you can get past the fact that it is one of Positano’s most expensive restaurants, La Sponda will actually be one fine dining experience you’ll never forget.

Its lunch menu is a concise one. While they are more known for their seafood dishes, the steak actually stood out more than our fish did. It had a beautiful pink centre and when bit into, the meat exuded a subtle smokiness.

La Sponda Tiramisu

Le Sirenuse Tiramisu

We especially loved the tiramisu too. It was the most expensive tiramisu we’ve had in our lives (€18!) but every scoop had us luxuriating in the mix of rich espresso, smooth mascarpone cheese, spongy fingers and a slight hint of liqueur.

Le Sirenuse Restaurant

La Sponda is, without a doubt, the most romantic dinner destination in Positano. As it is highly popular among visitors from all around the globe, reservations are definitely required.

Le Sirenuse Bar

Le Sirenuse Aperitivo

To complete your experience, start off with an aperitivo at the bar before your meal. Even if you are not dining at the restaurant, we highly recommend having a drink at the bar which offers the best views of Positano.

La Sponda
Le Sirenuse Positano
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30, 84017 Positano SA, Italy
Tel: +39 089 875066