OMU Singapore – Obsess Over Ooey-Gooey Lava Style Omelette


Last year, I watched a viral Facebook video that showed a Japanese chef from Kichi Kichi Omurice preparing the restaurant’s signature omelette rice. After plating the omelette on some fried rice shaped in a quenelle, he whipped out a knife, and ever so effortlessly, made an incision in the middle of the egg. The omelette splits open to reveal its perfectly-imperfect gooey innards, the epitome of #foodporn.


Kichi Kichi Omurice hasn’t ventured out of Kyoto, but Singapore has her very own omurice restaurant too! OMU, at Suntec City, is where you need to go immediately if you have always wanted to try omurice.

OMU wasn’t established in Japan, the motherland of omuretsu. In 2010, OMU opened its first outlet in Thailand, and has six outlets all over Bangkok currently.

Egg zoom with pork katsu

The bulk of the menu consists of omurice that’s paired with sauces such as demiglace, cream, and Japanese curry. If that’s not enough for you, go for the Omu Mini Cream Croquette ($6.80) and Cesar Salad ($9.80)!

Pork Katsu
Ebi Fry 3

We tried the Demiglace Sauce Omurice with Pork Cutlets ($14.80) and Cream Sauce Omurice with Deep Fried Shrimp ($13.80), and paid an additional $2 (for each dish) for our eggs to be done in their signature ‘Lava Style’.

Pork katsu

The demiglace sauce was fragrant, meaty and savoury. I preferred the cream sauce, as it complemented the light acidity of the tomato fried rice. The fried pork cutlets and fried shrimp were quite lacklustre, and tasted very ordinary. The pork was also a bit tough for our liking.

Egg close up
Ebi Fry 4

Nevertheless, the lava egg was worth the top up! When sliced, the egg opens up to reveal a pale molten center which is quite a spectacular sight! Although the egg was creamy, I felt that it could use a tad more seasoning.

Tomato Rice focus

Watching the lava egg unfold before your eyes is indeed quite a sight to behold. It is the main attraction here, so I feel that the ‘lava style’ egg should be primarily offered without any additional charges. Well, that’s just me.


Address: #01-301A/301B Suntec City Mall, 3E Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038984

Phone: 9834 0079


Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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