Peach Garden @ Thomson Plaza – 20% OFF For All Seafood Dishes Every Day!


Everyone knows that Singaporeans love seafood. Most restaurants have included at least a seafood dish or two in their menu. So, seafood lovers, which seafood restaurant do you usually go to to enjoy fresh crabs, prawns and fish? How about Peach Garden at Thomson Plaza?

Peach Garden at Thomson Plaza has launched an exciting seafood menu that is filled with old and new flavours. And the best part? You get 20% off with a minimum spend of $50 on all seafood dishes all day, everyday till 31 December 2017!


We started the meal with Smoked Prawn with Chinese Wine ($8++ per 100g). The dish impressed us right from the very start. Steamed in a huge bamboo basket, the prawns are smoked with thyme before being flambéed in Shaoxing wine. It’s a joy to de-shell the prawns because it’s so easy! You can taste the fragrance of both the wine, and thyme. There are other prawn dishes available, including sautéed live prawns with XO sauce, drunken prawns and steamed prawns with minced garlic.


Clams can be cooked and enjoyed in various ways. However, the Stir-fried Sea Clams with Curry Paste ($28++ small) is a classic that we would order again, and again. Even though the meat in each shell may be small, they carry a strong curry flavour.


You can add salted egg sauce to anything that’s fried, and it will be a winner instantly. People just love salted egg yolk! Okay, I’ll admit it. It’s my guilty pleasure too. The Deep-fried Cuttlefish with Salted Egg Yolk at Peach Garden is not to be missed. The golden sauce is far from being passe. It is sweet and salty, and very satisfying because I can have the best of both worlds. The sauce has a grainy consistency and coats the fried cuttlefish perfectly.


The Baked Crab with Rock Salt in Black Truffle Sauce ($8 per 100g, minimum 2 pcs) is the highlight of the night. It’s as sinful and delicious as it sounds. Wrapped in lotus leaf, a fresh Sri Lankan crab is stir-fried in black truffle sauce and baked in salt. The hard outer crust traps the crab’s natural juices within, while the lotus leaf adds an unbeatable fragrance. When cracked opened, the sweet, juicy flesh of the crab sharply contrasts the black earthy sauce; and that’s all you need. This dish is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Other crab dishes include Salted Egg York Crabs, Chilli Crabs, and Steamed Crabs with Chinese Wine and Chicken Stock.


Another popular dish is the Stewed Vermicelli with Water King Prawn in Cheese, Bacon and Garlic ($8 per 100g). The vermicelli is covered with melted cheese that has just the right amount of creaminess. The cheese isn’t too thick so you won’t find the taste overwhelming after a few mouthfuls. The freshness and sweetness of the prawns really left an impression.


Like Szechuan style Suan Cai Yu, the Steamed Sea Bass with Preserved Vegetables in Casserole ($7 per 100g) is my favourite dish of the night. Don’t worry, your taste buds won’t be scorched and your lips won’t be numbed. Look forward to tender deep-fried chunks of sea bass swimming in a soothing and savoury broth. The flavours of the broth are accentuated by the sourness of the pickled vegetables, and the entire mix is just delicious.


When PM Lee urged Singaporeans to eat less white rice, or switch to brown rice during the last National Day Rally, many restaurants have added brown rice options to their menu. Peach Garden is one of them, with the introduction of Fragrant-scented Fried Brown Rice.

There are so many ingredients in the pot, such as prawns, scallops, peanuts, anchovies, and corn. Give it a good mix and enjoy the distinct crunch in every bite. I suggest eating this with the Steamed Sea Bass with Preserved Vegetables in Casserole.


After such a hearty meal, you might want to end the night with Peach Garden’s handmade Mochi ($2.50 per piece), which is made with Chantilly cream, mango and strawberry cubes.


Seafood is truly an integral part of the Singaporean diet. If you love seafood like I do, be sure to visit Peach Garden at Thomson Plaza for an indulgent and splendid seafood feast.

Peach Garden @ Thomson Plaza

Address: 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza #01-88, Singapore 574408

Phone: +65 6451 3233


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Opening Hours: Weekend High Tea Buffet available from 3pm to 5pm


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