Three Legs Cooling Water Has Launched 3 New Flavours – Enjoy the Cooling Beverage with a Fruity Twist!


Ask a few Singaporeans what their definition of “heaty” is, and they will most probably describe it in similar ways. For instance, durians and chocolates are considered “heaty” foods, and when eaten in larger quantities, may cause sore throat, or nose bleeds. When you go under the hot weather for a long time or stay up late, you may be prone to getting “heatiness”. Hence, there is a need to balance the “heat” in your body.

Three Legs Cooling Water is a traditional remedy which contains natural minerals that relieve heatiness. First launched in 1937, it also serves a supplementary function of hydrating the body.

Recently, they have launched three flavoured cooling waters – Lychee, Guava and Lime. Without compromising on its original health benefits, the beverage is suitable for consumers of all ages and is the perfect complement to any food.

Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a drink that’s deliciously fruity and healthy!


Guava juice is often used in cocktails for its sweet, yet musky fragrance. Now it is added into the cooling beverage which really smooths the throat. While indulging in something as rich and smoky as Hokkien Mee, you need a drink that will sufficiently cleanse the palate. Keep things simple, and refreshing, and go for a bottle of guava-flavoured cooling water.


When savouring a bowl of spicy fishball noodles or bak chor mee, you might crave for a sweeter drink to extinguish the spiciness. The sweetness and tartness of the lychee flavour will definitely do the trick for you!

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Char kway teow is sweet, salty, and usually spicy. The dish is rich in flavour, so a light and refreshing bottle of lime-flavoured beverage will pair with it perfectly. We paired the light Three Legs Cooling Water (Lime Flavour) with our favourite char kway teow. The drink lends enough acidity to cut through the oiliness of the dish. The flavours are not complex, and will not mask the flavours of your kway teow. I personally love this combination the best – extra lime flavours for your char kway teow!


Of course, the original Three Legs Cooling Water, which has been widely regarded as the best drink to counter heatiness, is still available. The slim iconic bottle packs cooling water that will dispel excess body heat and quench your thirst. Dishes such as Nasi Biryani, which are heavier, and more intensely flavoured, should be enjoyed together with something light and fresh, like Three Legs Cooling Water.


The beverage is suitable for consumers of all ages, and will complement any meal. The drink now comes in a new size – 320ml. Even if you don’t have body “heatiness”, you can still consume this flavoured drink. Light, refreshing and fruity, the drink contains no artificial sweeteners, but is loaded with health benefits. The next time you feast in a hawker centre, reach for a bottle of Three Legs Cooling Water instead!


The lychee and guava flavours are immediately available at NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Cheers, Sheng Siong, Mustafa, SPC, Prime Supermarket, Buzz Kiosk, Chinese Medical Hall and Provision shops. The lime flavour is immediately available at 7 Eleven, Sheng Siong, medical hall, minimarts, and provision shops.

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